Welcome to the world of magic, sleight of hand, and playing cards! 52Kards was founded in 2011 as a comprehensive online learning resource for aspiring magicians. Since then, we have taught thousands students worldwide and our videos have been viewed over 30 million times. We are also the home of a vibrant community of magicians and a supplier of premium playing cards.

If you're new to all this then you might have a hard time navigating through all of the information. Here's a starting guide to help you on your path to becoming a master magician!

Step 1.) Get a Good Pack of Cards

Paper cards are best. Bicycle cards are a great place to start because they are good quality and cheap. You can most likely find them at your local store or you can click here to get the even higher quality Gold Label Bicycle Deck. If you would like more information about playing cards you can enroll in our free course A Complete Guide to Playing Cards.

Step 2.) Start Learning and Practicing

Check out our Training Courses for instructional videos on card tricks, sleight of hand, and flourishing. Start with the basics; learn how to shuffle and spread the cards out. Then learn a self-working trick (here's a neat one) and try performing it on a few people. Now it's time to get serious and learn some smooth sleight of hand. Once you have your moves down you will be ready to perform some incredible miracles with a pack of cards.

Step 3.) Join the Community

The online community of magicians is amazing. 52Kards is home to thousands of magicians who interact with each other every day in our Area 52 Facebook Group. Join and feel free to ask questions, answer questions, share stuff, and get to know each other.

Step 4.) Follow 52Kards Everywhere

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